ALVA Volusion 4 Motor Facial Bed Chair

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Product Info
Weight:     210.00 pounds
Length:  72.00 inches
Width:  24.00 inches
Height:  32.00 inches
Warranty:  One Year

A high quality, full feature 4 Motor Facial Bed with a bolstered cushion design.  Another ALVA exclusive, The Volusion has a particularly stable ‘X’ shaped base. In addition to enhanced stability, the innovated base design also helps to eliminate any foot interference when you need to get as close as possible to the patient.



Motors:     Full Range Motion (3Motors) + Trendelenburg Tilt (4th Motor) + Almost 90' Sitting Position


Length:      72"      With Standard Headrest (not extended )

                  77"     (Only if using massage headrest,)



Width:       24"   Without Armrests

                  36"   With Armrests

                  ( Armrests are easily removable )


Height:     22" Lowest Point

                  32" Highest Point



Colors:       Black,White



BASE:      35" x 25"


*Standard Headrest Extends 8 inches out


*Load Capacity 500 lbs

*Warranty 1 Year on the actuators and control box (Warranty for parts only, does not cover shipping, handling or labor).